The Town of Del

The town of Del which floats atop Spider Lake (so named due to the tributary lines that emerge from either end). The lake is rather large, and very accommodating for the town with room to grow. There are still some houses and establishments on the banks of the lake near the bridges that lead into town, but they are generally considered to be the slums of town.

Del is separated into small districts of buildings all built on the same platform or on platforms butted up against each other. To go from cluster to cluster, there is an intricate series of bridges all covered by long, draping carpets. Unknown to most visitors, these carpets actually cover the fact that the bridges are actually invisible; a clever ploy to contain raiders!

Fresh water is often gathered from the northeastern tributaries, and some even make a modest living from selling the convenience of gathering barrels of water at a time and selling them to other townsfolk. Though the flowing waters of “the Legs” keep the lake waters moving, it is not advised that one try to drink the water directly under the platforms as much of the town’s waste is simply dumped in. To combat excessive filth in the lake, several temples and town employees work together to purify the water through magic. The town keeps itself from drifting far out of place by simply attaching anchors to the corners of their platforms.


Type: Large Town

Population: 3,358

Government: While technically answering to the orders of the Count Garrit Faerwyn, the Count himself has little to do with the day to day operations of Del. Most power has been vested into the burgocouncil, a group of seven individuals pulled from the minor aristocracy, the wealthy merchants and business owners, religious leaders, and arcane tutors. However, it is often Count Faerwyn’s job to approve appointments to the council, and he also expects a brief weekly report on the state of the town – in addition to his portion of the tax revenue, of course. The Count’s manor home floats near the center of town, and he rarely leaves, though often he can be seen looking out upon the town from one of his several balconies. Quite contrarily, his daughter Kilde is regularly seen about town, and it is often the case that she is there to cause trouble or otherwise seek a night’s amusement.

Base Limit: 2,000 gp

Purchase Limit: 10,000 gp

Spellcasting: 5th level

Magic Items: 9 minor, 5 medium, 2 major

Notable Persons:

Count Garrit Faerwyn: The lord of Del and the surrounding land. Rather mysterious to many in the town, he is rarely seen except for from his balcony. Many assume him to be a friendly man, though, as he is often said to be smiling as he looks down upon the town.

Kilde Faerwyn: The Count’s daughter and only child. Kilde is known to be somewhat wild, regularly going into town to “slum it,” and cause a couple of hours’ worth of chaos. She is quite fair, and her antics are rarely more than an annoyance to whichever unlucky establishment she happens to visit, so opinions are somewhat varied. Some see her capers as childish and charming while others see them as childish and bothersome.

Togrin “Tog” (like toga without the a) Framer: Togrin is a half-orc man in his mid to late 20s or early 30s who runs the Red Quail Inn & Tavern. An orphan found at the doorstep of the tavern by Eunice Framer, the half-orc was raised and kept well. Starting out by helping his adoptive father move heavy barrels and crates with his impressive strength, Tog has since come to be the sole proprietor due to the recent passing of Eunice. Though never the wealthiest establishment, the Red Quail had done well for itself during Eunice’s lifetime. However, since his passing, Togrin has struggled to keep things afloat (sometimes literally). He doesn’t have the same head for numbers as his father, and many have reconsidered their patronage since the management has been taken over by a half-orc. Togrin sometimes finds it difficult to pay what staff remains, and he is often up until late at night doing his best to fix the books and make sure the tavern looks presentable only to start the day anew a few hours later. Despite all of this, Togrin is a friendly fellow who often “scats” while working to keep the mood relaxed and fun.

The Town of Del

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